What should you look for when choosing Kitchen Appliances?

Appliances have came a long way since the 1920's when appliances started to be common! 

They have gotten so much more diverse, intricate, and technologically advanced. Read on below on why appliances are an important part of the design and are often overlooked ↓

Appliances are often overlooked because people see them as clunky black or stainless steel machines when in reality they are a intricate part of the kitchen and design as a whole. Appliances can and should go with the final design because they can be designed themselves. For example we have a brand (GE Cafe) in the showroom you can change colors of the handles that go on your fridge, oven or range. 

How cool is that?!?

Your appliances can and should compliment the design not hinder it. With the choice of choosing your handles for your appliances, you can have them match or almost match your cabinet pulls. This way everything in the design compliments each other and works cohesively.


You also need to consider for appliances just how advanced technologically you want the appliances to be. Some appliances have the whole works and some have just the bare basics. It just all depends on what you want with your appliances.

Energy Saving

Another thing that is popular today is energy efficiency. Saving energy therefore saving our planet is important with appliances and your energy bill! By getting an energy efficient fridge or dishwasher you could be saving money. 

All in all there are many factors that go into selecting your appliances, but these are the main ones you should keep in mind when selecting appliances.

Thanks for reading! 

April 21, 2023 — Taylor Goforth

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