Walking Tacos Recipe
Walking Tacos, Taco in a Bag or whatever you choose to call them, these tacos are super easy and convenient to make! With our toppings we chose, cheese, sour cream, salsa, tomato's, and lettuce. Although we did not use guacamole, this would be a great topping to add! Check below for the recipe! ↓
Small bag of Doritos or chips of choice
1-2 lbs. ground beef
Taco seasoning
Choice of toppings
In a frying pan, chop up and cook ground beef until brown and crumbled.
Drain grease, and add in 1/2 cup water and the taco seasoning packet. Mix well till all meat is coated, and allow the seasonings mixture to slightly thicken. Once sauce has thickened, it's now time to assemble your walking tacos. Open your chip bag and give it a little crush. Add in a scoop of your hamburger meat then top with our favorite toppings.
All that’s left is to grab a fork and enjoy!

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