How does Lighting affect us?

Lighting can affect us in many ways and it varies from person to person because we are all different and unique!

In my opinion, as this is a blog, lighting can affect us in many ways but these are the three, I have used most often when lighting a space. ↓

- Sight (Eyes)

- Mood

- Productivity

Read on for an deeper dive into all three areas ↓

Sight - As we age our eyesight may dwindle, and with that we need ample light to do daily activities such as read, write, and have fun! Many people with glaucoma have a hard time seeing differing rooms so many times interior designs will provide ample contrast with flooring for aging in place homes. This is also often shown in nursing facilities and hospitals. 

With sight we may also need ample light for a kitchen because when your cutting up those carrots you don't want to cut yourself! "Ouch!" Shadow cast also plays a big part in lighting as well but that a whole topic for another post!

Mood - Depending on the setting your in whether its a restaurant, the gym, or your home lighting plays a part. Imagine you wake up in the morning and all your have for light in your bedroom is artificial light. You may not notice it but you may wake up in an okay mood but not the happiest you could be. When you wake up to natural light you may notice your happier and healthy even.

Productivity - Lighting plays a big part in productivity whether you are in the workplace or in your home office. Different tones of light can make you feel different ways for instance, bright white light in LED's will make you feel awake and ready to work. Yellow tones in lighting will make you feel tired and ready for a nap or go to sleep. 

As you can see lighting plays a big part in your sight, your mood and health, and productivity whether your in the workplace or in your home office!

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